Contact Center Modernization

Influence CX journey with insights acquired from
sentiment analysis & emotional intelligence

Contact Center Modernization


All enterprises crave to boost productivity with noteworthy customer experience and enhanced scalability which can be accomplished through Contact Center Modernization. Compelling commitment for any enterprise is to possess sustainable revenue growth, for which it is peremptory to devote time as well as effort on customer retention and customer engagement. It is mission critical to have deeper insights on factors influencing customer needs and their behavior to endure them with enhanced services. To gain adequate intuition on the above considerations, it is imperative to collect meaningful data in real-time to discover consequential insights for personalization, self-service and to assists agents in faster decision making.

  • Deploy multi-channel digital approaches to reduce resolution time and unclog call lines
  • Cloud based cognitive services for real-time interaction analysis
  • Advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Chatbot integration with existing / new contact center solutions
  • Unified / Universal desktop with intelligent insights to accentuate agent efficiency
  • Pilot customer journeys and optimize their experiences to enrich satisfaction
  • Lower costs by building efficiencies within your contact center
  • Reduce employee churn and improve upselling opportunities and customer acquisition metrics to fuel growth
  • Give managers the ability to adjust and empower agents with relevant information and integrated processes to engage employees
  • Ability for process controllers to authorize agents with pertinent information as well as enwrap employees through a unified process

Botomation™ team can provide compelling solutions for an enterprise to improve its C-SAT, NPS and agent productivity by leveraging its existing investment in network, infrastructure, platforms, and applications to handle their customers as well as agents.

Botomation™ Services Drive your revenue growth by digitizing your customer engagement with help of our Botomation™ team.



  • Integration with Ticketing, CRM, HRIS & ERP
  • Customer experience solution design
  • Multi-Channel engagement platform
  • Microsoft powered bots
  • AWS powered bots
  • IntelliSense
  • WorkSense


  • Improve C-SAT, NPS
  • Agent productivity with visualizations and insights
  • Reduce AHT, AQT, Abandonment with cognitive services
  • Omnichannel, self-service, assisted, engaged and personalized resolutions
  • Visual IVR & Cognitive call routing
  • Chat, Social media, Messaging, Screen share
  • Reduce cost of operations per service
  • Cross sell and up sell with real time insights
  • Increase sales and revenues with real-time recommendations
  • Reduce time taken by agents to write call summary with Speech to Text functionality
  • Intelligent Call Routing (ICR)
    • Right Agent based on C2Q
    • Auto assign to SME, RM, Supervisor, Manager
    • ICR based on Profile (static) and C2Q (dynamic)


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