5 Chatbot myths you should stop believing right now!

Chatbots are the flavor of the season and they are everywhere! These AI driven programs are steadily expanding their capabilities, fulfilling numerous business and public facing roles. Back in 2016 Oracle had conducted a survey on emerging technologies concerning 800 marketing and sales professionals around the world. The report predicted that approx. 80% users wish to implement chatbots by 2020. As the year ends soon and we are adjusting with the ‘new normal’ with chatbots impeccably transforming our digital experience and we do not differ much with the prediction either.

Owing to the astounding benefits offered by Chatbots, businesses which are big, mid-sized or small are adopting them even today. Making Chatbots a part of your digital transformation strategy will not only help you leverage future opportunities but also help you in providing a better customer / employee service. However, with their use becoming more common some misconception has peddled amongst users and its time to dispel these common-yet-understandable myths. This eBook debunks 5 chatbot myths that everyone should stop believing in right now!


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