Enterprise Process Automation

Digital automation delivered to enhance customer experience

Enterprise Process Automation

Custom-built digital workforce designed and developed by Botomation™ team, help enterprises handle their customer centric deliveries as well as customer service operations at high efficiencies. We automate key procedures that drive targeted business outcomes. This also means you have significant control on monitoring the performance of these bots, decision making, allied processes and impacting inputs. Botomation™ teams ultimate goal is to orchestrate channels, processes, bots, rules and mainly data to deliver frictionless Botomation with premium experiences you demand.

Botomation solutions help executive management and operational leaders make informed decisions except for those that cannot be automated.

Botmomation™ team will discover, design, develop and builds bots as well as intelligent automation tools that can create.

Botomation of integrated processes & conversational inputs with key capabilities.

  • ThinkBot – Analytics & Cognitive skills
  • Analyzer – Context Analysis, Sentiment Analysis
  • Integrator – Integrate for meaningful data based on scenario and context
  • Converse – AI powered conversation intelligence for customer facing bots

Leverage the comprehensive architecture that covers cognitive capabilities, conversational intelligence and process automation accelerators.



  • IntelliSense
  • Digital Multi-Channel conversation platform
  • Cognitive Integrations
  • RPA specialists on demand
  • Preset data models for some customer experience processes
  • Conversation designs, Workflows and Use cases in selected domains
  • CRM Integration experience


  • Optimized CX journeys or process designs
    • Know your customer needs
    • Omnichannel
    • 360* view customer or user profile on relative ecosystems
    • Personalized engagements
  • Optimized processes impacting CX
    • Optimize process designs for better OLA’s
    • Improve tools for collaboration and easy
    • Botomate productivity reports and time management
  • Benchmarking relevant (direct and impacting) Process KPI's
  • Reduce cost of operations while improving productivity
  • Solution design


  • Identify use cases with RoI & Outcomes
    • Business case
    • Influencers and Accelerators
    • RoI pattern and benchmarking
  • AI Powered decisions to improve cognitive capabilities
  • Virtual assistants & Chatbots for improving productivity
  • Intelligent Data extraction and Data management
  • Dynamic drill down dashboard & alerts for operational KPIs
  • Hosted solution for scalability


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