Enterprise Bot Development

Best in function cognitive services to innovate revolutionary enterprise bots

Enterprise Bot Development

Enterprise Bot Development Service (EBDS) from Botomation™ team will help enterprises build customized chatbots or intelligent Botomation solutions with the aid of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Cognitive Services. We combine conversational capabilities with process automation to resolve top issue drivers of SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedure) within the IT, HR and other critical service operations of enterprises. These solutions will be deployable on cloud environments, preferably. On-premise is also an option for customers who already managing similar infrastructure. The bots designed and developed by Botomation™ team for the enterprises can be integrated with multiple communication platforms (Teams, Skype, Slack, Web chat, WhatsApp for business, Yammer, Mobile app or a web widget) to provide a unified experience for consumers across all channels.



  • Customer Experience Bots
  • Conversation designs
  • CRM Integration Experience
  • Employee Experience Bots
  • Microsoft powered bots
  • AWS powered bots
  • IntelliSense


  • Create a roadmap for Enterprise Botomation with Business cases & ROI
  • UX (User Experience) design & prototypes
  • Solution design & enterprise architecture alignment
  • Programme plan, stake holder engagement matrix
  • Up to 30% increase in self service solutions to the customers / employees
  • Create personalized engagement with customers / employees for deeper insights
  • Make more sensible readings on user perspectives
  • Improve ESAT, CSAT & NPS
  • Improve upsell & cross sell capabilities


  • Analyze & Propose the best digital journey for customers
  • Create Business case
  • Assess & Design cognitive, analytical and AI-driven solutions
  • Assess & Propose value additions for bots
  • On-time bot development & delivery


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Deliver enterprise bot at high velocity

Over the past few years, we have seen many enterprises applying Conversational AI in meaningful ways. UPS and Asiana Airlines are using bots to deliver better customer service.

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Safeguard Your Business From Coronavirus

Amidst situation like today, where the novel Coronavirus has been a mystery killing more than 1000 people and infected more than 45,000 lives in China

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